Sunday, November 15, 2009

Meal Plan: November 17 - 29

These two weeks are like onebigblendedweek! With a big event at work and then a short week before we are off on our Thanksgiving travels, it is hard to keep up with the meals.

Turkey Noodle Soup, Everyday Food November 2009, p. 65
This was wonderful! I love egg noodles. It was a great way to use up our leftovers

Fish with Lemon Parsley Relish, Everyday Food November 2009, p. 82
I loved fish cooked in this folded-over method. It looked beautiful on the plate and the greens were delicious.

Turkey Noodle Soup Leftovers

Friday: PA Dinner - Sauce

Tomato and Shrimp pasta with Feta, Everyday Food, November 2009, p. 47
This was DE-LI-CIOUS! I have not cooked shrimp myself much before, but I think it is going to become a staple protein in our house. I soaked the tails and shells in boiled water to make seafood stock.

Sunday: Baked Chicken with Fennel and Apples, Everyday Food, November 2009, p. 146.
Finally getting around to this....I am going to make it in the slow-cooker and add some potatoes I have hanging around.

Monday: Red beans with sausage, Everyday Food, November 2009, p. 55
Rice and broccoli

Tuesday: Eat up leftovers

Wednesday: In CT

Thursday: Thanksgiving!

Friday: In CT

Saturday: Pasta dinner at Trattoria Hesser

Sunday: dinner at home, TBD

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