Friday, August 6, 2010

Making Pickles

This summer we have been working on pickles. We started with an experimental 6 pints of dilly beans using a basic dill recipe plus red pepper flakes for kick. Once we got going we made and put by 24 pints of sweet bread and butter pickles using a recipe from

We put by 19 quarts of dill pickles using this recipe from

We also made a few quarts "new pickles" or "half sours" by using the dill recipe, doubling the garlic and leaving out the dill. I did not can these, but put them directly into the refrigerator and started eating them after 8 hours. I have made them in advance for lunch guests.

We bought a bushel and a half of cucumbers and about half a peck of green beans in addition to onions, garlic and dill at our local farm stands and will be looking forward to crunch (I hope!) cukes through the winter!

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  1. Sounds tasty. I made these last year and _loved_ them.