Saturday, August 7, 2010

Zucchini Processing

I bought a bushel of zucchini from Cedar Circle Farm in Thetford, VT for $15. I sliced into coins and blanched 6 pints for pasta and risotto dishes. I "planked" two cookie trays worth for broiling and lasagnas. Annie (the rockstar!) shredded zucchinis for over and hour and we bagged it into 26 two cup bags, which is exactly the amount needed for our zucchini bread recipe. We may also use the shredded squash for fritters or in place of pasta.

I still have ~12 zucchini in my crisper which I have been incorporating into our meals. I may put a few of them in the freezer which, I KNOW, is in total violation of the correct processing rules, but I think it will be fine :)

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