Monday, June 3, 2013

Meal Plan: June 3 - 9

Losing power last night cost me my whole routine... almost.  Since we did not have our roast chicken last night, opting instead for convenience store fare that could be heated on the Coleman stove, we made it tonight.  I got a little misty with pride when Annie argued, "but isn't today soup night?!?" and another plus:  she ATE ASPARAGUS.  Here's to changing things up (even a tiny bit).

Smitten Kitchen Flat-roasted chicken with little yellow (peeled, this time) potatoes, asparagus and cantaloupe.

Sliced chicken breast, pasta side with arugula and a smidge of bacon, broccoli and pineapple

Rigatoni with Red Sauce and green salad

Hoppin' John with Brown Rice

Taco Night

Pork chops with chutney, asparagus and herby-green salad

Roasted or grilled chicken with sides from the market

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