Monday, December 2, 2013

Meal Plan: December 2 - 7

I know you are all in suspense over just WHAT we ate the night before Thanksgiving.  We were pleasantly surprised that my father-in-law's famous meatballs were bubbling in the crock pot when we arrived.  It was the perfect pre-turkey meal!

I am leaving today for a business trip, so my family will be on their own for dinner.  Before we left for the holiday weekend I made a big pot of my own meatballs and sauce and Scott use the turkey carcass to make soup on Thursday night.  

I need to pause here and talk about how awesome this was.  We traveled to Grandpa and Ya-Ya's house with pre-chopped carrots, cellery, whole onions and egg noodles.  After the meal, Scott assembled the soup in almost no time!  We ate some along with the leftovers the next day and brought some home.

So here's what we have planned:

Turkey Gobbler Sandwiches

Monday - Thursday:
Either pasta with sauce or turkey soup 

Dinner out after the Annual Tree Lighting

Tree-trimming dinner and snacks

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